Master's Programme in Industrial Management, Faculty of Technology

The orientation in the Master's Programme in Industrial Management is technology management, which is a future-oriented area. It is applicable especially in high-tech companies and businesses with rapidly changing core technologies, in research centres and universities, as well as in the development of regional and national technology policies.

The Master's Programme in Industrial Management combines the two strategic priorities of the University of Vaasa, internationalism and interdisciplinary work. The programme has close cooperation with high-tech companies in the area, with the advantage of Finland's location in the centre of a growing renewable energy business. In addition, it provides students with the experience of international and local lecturers focusing their work on technology and operational management.

Applicants' previous studies may vary from technology to business, covering areas relevant to the programme. Students in this programme will understand and master the basics of technology management. They will learn how to analyse the future of technology, policy and market; and establish as well as manage research and development projects.

The programme leads to a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree and it can be completed in two years. Annually, 25 students with the best credentials are admitted to the Master's Programme in Industrial Management. The application period is once a year.

There are no special entrance examinations for the international Master's programme. Admission decisions are made on the basis of the required documents, evaluating each complete application individually and selecting those with the best qualifications.


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