Where is Finland?

Finland is located in Northern Europe, with Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Estonia as our neighbouring countries. The City of Vaasa is on the Western coast of Finland surrounded by the Kvarken Archipelago. The unique location is just a stone’s throw away from the UNESCO World Heritage site.

What is Finland like?

Finland is well known as a secure and clean country. The Finnish society builds upon the equality between men and women. Finland as a stable democracy is a safe choice to live and study.

Finland is unique. You will witness the contrasts between the four seasons in the nightless nights of the summer interlacing with dark winters, untouched forests and modern cityscapes interweaving with one another. Nature is an important part of the Finnish way of life for a very simple reason: it is everywhere.

We have one of the world’s most advanced education systems, which guarantees the same educational opportunities for everyone regardless of social or economic background.

What are typical Finnish people like?

Finland's nature has shaped the Finnish state of mind. Under the hard rock shell beats a warm and trustworthy heart. Initial silences turn into friendships that last a lifetime. Finnish people appreciate honesty and trustworthiness. To be Finnish is to have ‘sisu’: to be persistent, courageous and a little bit stubborn.