Master's Programme in Wireless Industrial Automation, Faculty of Technology

Are you interested in wireless communication? Do you want to learn how to understand smart systems? Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication, computer science, production automation, energy or electrical engineering?

The Master’s Programme in Wireless Industrial Automation offers a carefully designed education programme to integrate advanced wireless communication with monitoring, control, and automation in industrial applications. The aim of the programme is to educated qualified Masters of Science with a specialization in distributed energy production information systems.

Wireless communication is the backbone of connecting people as well as machines and devices toward the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). By 2020, it is expected that about 70% of the total IP traffic will be handled in the last mile (i.e., the end-part of the telecommunication) by wireless networks. Hence, wireless communication is an essential part of other distributed systems such as smart cities, wireless automation, smart grids, e-health systems, e-government, security, and countless other applications. Therefore, the major mission of our programme is to provide the required scientific and technical information to our students to be able to understand, analyze, and deal with such advanced systems.

The programme addresses the areas of telecommunication architecture evolution, digital communication and radio technology, modern wireless networks, systems engineering, embedded systems, and programming skills.  Besides the courses, several seminars are organized to address more advanced topics related to for example smart automation, game theory, and energy informatics.

Our two-year programme leads to a degree of Master of Science in Technology. We prepare our students for the future job market requirements in the technology sector as well as research institutions.

Students applying for admission to the programme should have completed their undergraduate studies in an appropriate field. The programme leads to a Master of Science in Technology degree, and it can be completed in 2 years.


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