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After attending the ‘Social-media for Researcher’ seminar, I was excited about writing a blog that matches my research interest. Before starting to write, I decided to first browse through my own social media. While I was scrolling down my Facebook wall, one advertisement got my attention: A T-shirt for PhD student, which says; “BEING A PHD STUDENT IS EASY, IT’S LIKE RIDING A BIKE, EXCEPT THE BIKE IS ON FIRE, AND YOU’RE ONE FIRE, AND EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE AND YOU’RE IN...


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The need of participation in an organization development – Development by the people

Today’s organizations consist of variety of experts, all coming from slightly different backgrounds. Organizations staff includes people with variety of differences, cultural, language, skills etc., not only different educational expertise. Working life is often complex from all branches of the work.


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Industry 4.0: Can Multinational Firms Reshore Their Manufacturing Facilities?

We are in the middle of new industrial revolution. General Electric called it as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cisco named it Internet of Everything and German government termed it as Industry 4.0, but they all refer it to the same concept.


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Always keep moving and find solutions instead of problems

During my 20 years being in a business environment, I am the one who likes to think out of the box and enjoy challenges, I usually feel happy for every little new thing I have learned. Therefore, to have the opportunity to enter the doctoral studies made me feel even happier.


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Runaway children in alternative care in Finland – to safeguard the best interest of the children?

Children from alternative care that go missing or run away are according to Finnish practice called executive assistance by the police to Child Welfare Authorities. These police tasks are not called investigations of missing person. Our national police database literally separates these tasks in those two categories. Separating has its pros and cons affecting statistical and operational level. The best interest of the children has to be paramount in all childcare issues, but in runaway...


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Nailed Communication

How do we do a job well, or nail it? Well, by nailing it to a wall. Most academic institutions that offer graduate degrees worldwide offer public access to dissertations approved by their departments. The most common means of accessibility is through each institution’s library, whether in print form, electronically, or both. University of Vaasa has a unique method of displaying dissertations publicly. Literally!


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Occupational Health and Safety - The way forward

Safety issues are mostly taken for granted until accidents "unfortunately" begin to happen. According to the World health organization (WHO), occupational fatalities have risen to an unacceptable figure of 2.3 million annually. Amongst the reasons given is the notion of many that the door to safety swings only on the hinges of common sense.


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Verotuet ja niiden arviointi

Kirjoitan parhaillaan verotukiin ja niiden vaikuttavuuteen liittyvää väitöstutkimusta. Verotukien aiheuttamien verotulon menetysten laskentaa suoritetaan Suomessa ja useissa muissakin maissa. Tämän laskennan tuloksena meillä julkaistaan vuosittain tilasto, johon verotulojen aiheuttamat verotulojen menetykset on taulukoitu muutamalta vuodelta kerrallaan. Mukana on aina myös seuraavan vuoden ennuste.