Doctoral dissertation: Shipbuilding showing the way for sustainability management

A new dissertation has been made at the University of Vaasa, Finland that shows how sustainable development can efficiently be combined into company businesses. The dissertation gives company leaders practical tools for guiding and managing the processes.



Dissertation: Only few manufacturers are able to profit from services – Study investigates how successful firms exploit their capabilities

According to Tuomas Huikkola’s doctoral thesis “Escaping the commoditization trap by going downstream: How does a manufacturer manage its capabilities to create wealth from solutions?” the service business has been viewed whether as a goldmine or a lifeguard for the western technology companies in the era of product commoditization. The dissertation consists of four empirical articles. Qualitative comparative case study method has been applied in the articles. Several Finnish technology...



Dissertation: Beyoncé transformed veganism into a trendy diet

Not so long ago, veganism was considered suitable only for extreme animal rights activists and hippies. Now, veganism is considered trendy and healthy. A few years earlier, sustainable consumption had experienced a similar transformation. This raises the question, what is the reason for such changes in the public imagination?



University of Vaasa has vacancies for key personnel to strengthen the University's renewal

The University of Vaasa is making major investments in renewal. As of 1 January 2018, the University will have four Schools: Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Communication, and Technology and Innovation.



New students arrived on campus

New students arrived on campus on Wednesday 28th of August. Studies start with the orientation days which will last from Wednesday to Friday. During the three day orientation new students gain information about the University, their field of study as well as academic studies. Actual studies start in the beginning of September.



Influential new Board members at the University of Vaasa

On 29 August 2017, The University Collegium of the University of Vaasa confirmed the external members elected to the University's new board for the term from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021.



Dissertation: How companies can thrive and survive in turbulent markets

According to a new doctoral study from the University of Vaasa,to succeed in the market, company’s competitive priority must be in line with its strategy and operations, especially when the business environment is turbulent – if not, the company might fail and lose its position in the market.



Marketing cooperation opens the global markets for start-ups

If the firms are doing their marketing in collaboration with their partners, they can expand rapidly to global markets. This is found by research of the professor Peter Gabrielsson and doctoral student Man Yang from the University of Vaasa. They have studied international entrepreneurial marketing and decision-making logic of international high-tech new ventures in the energy field. Gabrielsson and Yang conducted a multiple case-study among four case firms in the energy sector of Vaasa region....