New deans for the University of Vaasa appointed

Deans for the new Schools of the University of Vaasa have been appointed. They will assume their duties on 1 January 2018 when the reformed organisation of the University of Vaasa starts its operation. Starting next year, the organisation of the university will consist of four Schools: Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing and Communication, and Technology and Innovations.



Dissertation: Western European cooperative banks and savings banks brought stability into the economic crisis

The results from M.Sc. Jari-Mikko Meriläinen’s doctoral dissertationt show that Western European stakeholder banks served as a shock absorber during the 2008–2009 financial crisis and the subsequent sovereign debt crisis.



Annukka Jokipii appointed as Vice Rector of the University of Vaasa

Professor Annukka Jokipii, 42, has been appointed as the Vice Rector of the University of Vaasa. She will take up her duties 1 January 2018.



Dissertation: Wireless and unnoticeable electronics will be a part of everyday life in the future

According to the doctoral dissertation of Heikki Palomäki in the field of information technology, the small wireless buttons will be part of our future when the everyday routines of the living require new intelligent flexible and reliable solutions for example for the supervision of children in the day-care centres.



Dissertation: International entrepreneurial marketing enhances young internationalizing SME’s marketing performance

Man Yang’s dissertation titled “International entrepreneurial marketing: Decision making in international business” studies how rapid internationalizing firms with scarce resources conduct marketing in the global marketplace.



Dissertation: Stretching, adapting and negotiating – International business travel challenges travellers and families alike

International business travel can have many positive effects on travellers’ personal and professional growth. However, this travel can also have a detrimental impact on family life. This is one of the conclusions of Kati Saarenpää’s doctoral dissertation in the field of management..



Dissertation: Do you know what your customers value? Multinational companies struggle to understand service needs

Technology companies are increasingly trying to grow their revenues by creating value to customers through services. In practice, however, customer and company views on value and its creation do not always meet. This is shown in the international marketing dissertation by Tiina Leposky, where the author studies the service transition of a Finnish multinational enterprise.



Application Period for International Master’s programmes of the University of Vaasa starts

The application period for the international Master’s programmes of the University of Vaasa has started ending on 25th of January 2018. The University offers six international Master’s programmes taught entirely in English.