Dissertation:Is corruption the only cause of ineffectiveness in Nigerian public sector?

A common assumption is that corruption is the only cause of ineffectiveness of public sector organizations in an institutionally corrupt society. However, is this really the case? A new study on the “Challenges to effective management of public sector organizations in an institutionally corrupt society: a study of Nigeria”, from the University of Vaasa shows that there are other factors that pose a big challenge to effectiveness of public sector organizations.



Dissertation: What makes company a winner in globalization?

Many “anti-globalists” think that globalization is a scam. They also question the bliss of free trade. Some have claimed that globalization and unfair competition from foreigners has destroyed jobs at home. Globalization undoubtedly has its losers, but under key firm-specific advantages such as patents, trademark, and brand image the companies become winners? A new doctoral study from the University of Vaasa reveals under which circumstances the companies can really benefit from...



Dr. Krish Sankaran appointed as director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

Doctor of Sciences, Krish Sankaran has been appointed as director of Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC). –It is both a great honour and unique opportunity to build VEBIC into a "Centre for Excellence" in Energy Technology and Innovation. The University of Vaasa is excellently positioned to host such a multidisciplinary research platform in collaboration with the regional, national, and European energy cluster industrial and research partners, says Sankaran.



Doctoral dissertation: Intuitive, extraverted and spontaneous women are the best choice for leading creative people

It is time to change our views on what good leaders are like. Engineer-type managers are also needed, but they lack the qualities required to lead innovators. This is one of the conclusions of Piia Uusi-Kakkuri’s doctoral dissertation in the field of management.



3.3 million euro raised in fundraising campaign – goal exceeded

The University of Vaasa raised 3 337 242 euro in the government–supported fundraising campaign. University’s goal was to raise 2.5 million euro. The goal exceeded with more than a quarter.



Dissertation: Innovative networking of product development activities requires rational decision making

It is surprising how often technology companies make decisions concerning the organization of their product development work into internal tasks and projects outsourced to suppliers based on subjective and non-rational reasons. However, innovative product development activities would benefit from more rational decision making. A dissertation published in University of Vaasa provides new insights and methods on this matter.



Muhammad Shafiq becomes Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher

The Academy of Finland has granted Dr. Muhammad Shafiq post-doctoral funding for three years. Shafiq will begin his post-doctoral project “Smart Condition Monitoring System for Power Grid” at the University of Vaasa in September. Today’s distribution grid is undergoing various operational and architectural changes. With the new renewable energy sources and distributed power generation the grids are getting bigger and more complex. The distributed generation, the growing number of...