3.3 million euro raised in fundraising campaign – goal exceeded

The University of Vaasa raised 3 337 242 euro in the government–supported fundraising campaign. University’s goal was to raise 2.5 million euro. The goal exceeded with more than a quarter.



Dissertation: Innovative networking of product development activities requires rational decision making

It is surprising how often technology companies make decisions concerning the organization of their product development work into internal tasks and projects outsourced to suppliers based on subjective and non-rational reasons. However, innovative product development activities would benefit from more rational decision making. A dissertation published in University of Vaasa provides new insights and methods on this matter.



Muhammad Shafiq becomes Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher

The Academy of Finland has granted Dr. Muhammad Shafiq post-doctoral funding for three years. Shafiq will begin his post-doctoral project “Smart Condition Monitoring System for Power Grid” at the University of Vaasa in September. Today’s distribution grid is undergoing various operational and architectural changes. With the new renewable energy sources and distributed power generation the grids are getting bigger and more complex. The distributed generation, the growing number of...



Dissertation: Wicked problems can hamper organizational changes

In his dissertation, Juha Lindell proposes that changes in organizations can be hampered due the neglected wicked problems within. They should be taken into account in the leadership policies and resolve in a comprehensive manner. – Organizations change constantly, but it has been estimated that even 90 percent of all change initiatives fail. It is vital, however, for organizations to make changes to succeed and something needs to be done, notes Lindell from the University of...



University in the summer 2017

There will be changes in the university office hours on the campus during the summer.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Wednesday the 31st of May. In the event, the graduates received their degree certificates. In May, 93 graduates received their degree certificates.



Dissertation: Is our social media behavior still influenced by our culture? – This is how Finns, Poles and Americans differ

Even though we think ourselves as global citizens, we still differ in terms of how we behave online and what motivates our behavior online. A new doctoral study in the field of international marketing by Agnieszka Chwialkowska reveals that the cultural values and practices are still very much influencing the way consumers use different social media platforms when engaging with their favourite companies.