University of Vaasa science team chosen to the semi-finals of Helsinki Challenge

Team Energy Village 500 from the University of Vaasa has been chosen to the semi-finals of Helsinki Challenge, the science-based idea competition. Team Energy Village 500 aims at establishing a countrywide network of energy villages: areas that produce their own renewable energy. Helsinki Challenge brings Finnish universities together and advances multidisciplinary collaboration for the benefit of the whole world. The teams will tackle the UN’s sustainable development goals and create...



Dissertation: Manager, are you aware of beliefs guiding your actions?

M.Sc. Timo-Pekka Uotila from the University of Vaasa explores managers’ perceptions on firm performance. In his dissertation Uotila studied the ways how the managing directors understand firm performance.



Vaasa University Foundation donates 10 000 euros for research

Vaasa University Foundation donates 10 000 euros to the University of Vaasa for research funding. Instructions for applying the funding will be announced in the near future.



Graduates Celebrated

The University's Graduation event Publiikki was held on Wednesday the 21st of December, where the graduates received their degree certificates. In December, 75 Masters of Science and 7 Doctors had their certificates.



Dissertation: Heterogeneous news flow on volatility

Juha Kotkatvuori-Örnberg considers risk of an investment in his doctoral dissertation in the field of finance. The research results show that it is possible to apply different statistical methods and information content of time series observations to estimate volatility. The results have importance for example in risk management, hedging strategies and option pricing.



Dissertation: You cannot lead Indians as you would lead Finns – say Finnish business leaders

India is huge, lucrative, but also a very complex and challenging market. Finnish businesses are increasingly interested in operating in India, due to the large customer base and the high professional knowledge of partners and employees. Nevertheless, many companies face huge challenges due to the cultural differences that dominate business in India. Things can easily go wrong in the Indian business environment and while dealing with Indians if cultural differences are not addressed well,...



Dissertation: Putting Manufacturing in Cloud, to see the silver lining in digitalization and globalization

When major technology revolution happens, it brings new opportunities in manufacturing industry. Now, in what we may call “the fourth industrial revolution,” the new technology is cloud computing, and manufacturers are in the midst of exploring the potential of using cloud computing in the industry. Yuqiuge Hao’s doctoral dissertation “Cloud Manufacturing: Strategic Alignment between Manufacturing Industry and Cloud Computing” focuses on a new concept, namely cloud manufacturing, and...



Dissertation: Chasing high interest rates currencies offers no free lunch

Vitaly Orlov’s dissertation in Finance “Essays on Currency Anomalies” explores one of the most prominent recent phenomena - currency trading. “Currency trading is a big deal in the world of global investments," says Orlov, "as volume of transactions in the global currency market on some days reaches four trillion U.S. dollars, about 12 times more than that of all the world’s stock markets combined.” His dissertation provides new insights into the nature of the foreign exchange...