Doctoral Programme in Languages and Communication

Students of the Doctoral Programme in Languages and Communication complete a Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, degree. The aim of the program is to train scientific experts in languages and communication with national and international connections.

New applications are only accepted to communication studies, beginning of autumn 2016.

The research fields of the programme are applied linguistics, communication studies, and culture and literature studies. Applied linguistics is especially focused on professional languages and communication, language acquisition and immersion, and translation studies. The programme is connected to the following research teams: Bilingualism and Communication in Organizations (BiLingCo), Knowledge and Action in Specialized Communication (KASC), Language Acquisition, Language Teaching and Language Contact in Multilingual Contexts (ReACT), and Intercultural Phenomena in Time (IPIT).

The studies of the programme consist of courses on research work and skills, and courses that prepare for working life. These include courses on research theory, methods, ethics and in-depth examination of current scientific research and discussion. The courses on working life consist of training for work in the academic, public and private sectors.

The programme is in cooperation with the national doctoral programme in language studies (Langnet) and the Graduate School of Communication Studies. The programme members organize national seminars and courses in collaboration with the said schools. Additionally, the programme utilizes the extensive international network of its research groups.

The leader of the Doctoral Programme is Professor Tanja Sihvonen.