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The latest research and fact-based education create the base for new innovations. New innovations create new products, services and better ways of doing things. Our passion is to equip the future experts with the best possible knowledge to face the future challenges. Now you can help us with this task.

Fundraising Campaign the Essentials

  • The fundraising campaign is ongoing 11/2014–6/2017
  • Companies, organisations and privat persons can contribute
  • Private persons have a right to tax deduction when donating  850–500 000 euros to the university
  • Companies and organisations have a right to tax deduciton when donating 850–250 000 euros to the university
  • The state will invest up to 3 euros for each euro donated to the university
  • Donations over 10 000 euros can be allocated to a certain branch
  • University of Vaasa will use the profits for the good of education and research