Our Mission Vows

The graduates of the University of Vaasa are internationally oriented experts and leaders. The University’s research produces new knowledge for managing organizations and processes as well as for developing modern and sustainable operational models.

Vision 2013–2016

The University of Vaasa is a business oriented university that is internationally and nationally successful and an efficiently networked institution of research and education.

The field of Administrative Sciences is among the top three in Finland. We concentrate on the ethics of administration and strengthen the field's comprehensive competence in public administration and the role of the field in the Management Institute.

The field of Business Studies will entrench its position among the best three units in Finland and strengthen its international activity, research, and postgraduate education.

The strength of Languages and Communication are language immersion and language for special purposes. We will respond to organizations’ communication needs and will be a leading educator in languages and communication profiled in language immersion. Language immersion research will be international. In our education we will strengthen business competence and local cooperation with schools of higher education.

Within the field of Technology the emphasis lies on diversified energy production. The field of technology will reinforce its position among the most important actors in the field of energy research and education. We will develop education, research and laboratories as well as utilize diversely the competed research funding.