Faculty of Philosophy

Taking responsibility for societal humanism

To remain competitive and successful, Finland requires experts who understand the importance of societal humanism in decision-making carried out by companies and administration. At its core are justice, tolerance and sustainable development. With this as its starting point the Faculty of Philosophy wants to advance the idea of a modern educational institution where unexpected combinations of disciplines result in new areas of creative resonance and better prospects for the world.

Education requires the ability to absorb diverse information without prejudice and to make surprising connections. The Faculty of Philosophy is an academic whole that consists of multiple disciplines. The core contents consist of professional languages, immersion, public administration and communications. Its scientific foundation provides a great opportunity for teaching students how to make connections, and it also generates insightful research initiatives.

The goal of the Faculty is to contribute to creating an internationally oriented and educated society which understands the connections between the national, provincial, and local issues studied. The Faculty of Philosophy fosters academic citizens of the new millennium who are able to work in different environments and learn from the new influences they are subjected to. Students of the humanities and administrative sciences must also understand the way their disciplines connect with business life and the economy. That is why our teaching and research programmes also include business perspectives.