The highest decision-making body of the University of Vaasa is the Board which is appointed by the University Collegium. The university operations are lead by the Rector chosen by the Board. The Rector is supported in their tasks by the Steering Group which consists of the Deans, Vice Rector and the Rector, who acts as the chair. The Rector can also call other persons to be members of the Steering Group.

The University of Vaasa has three faculties for research and teaching. These are the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Business Studies and the Faculty of Technology. The Faculty Council and The Dean of each respective faculty are responsible for its administration.

Affiliated Institutions of the University of Vaasa are the Levón Institute and the Tritonia Academic Library. The operations of the Affiliated Institutions are lead and supervised by a director appointed for this task.

Administrative services for the university’s faculties are provided by the University Services unit.



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