The multidisciplinary and multiform teaching of the University of Vaasa gives excellent knowledge and skills for expert tasks for a changing working life. The university community is highly international and consists of employees and students from over 80 countries. We create and maintain international relations systematically. Our educational results and degree of internationalisation are above the national average.

The Most Beautiful University Campus in Finland

The university is located by the sea close to the city centre in Palosaari in Vaasa. Within walking distance, you can find both natural landscapes as well as services. The proximity of all the university premises in Palosaari creates an efficient working environment with a strong community spirit.

The City of Vaasa is currently developing the future Sea Campus in Palosaari concentrating tertiary education arranged in Vaasa. All the other tertiary education institutions will be located near the university.

Developing the Work Community and Well-being at Work

Developing the work, the working conditions and the community spirit is important to us.

We invest in the personnel’s well-being and capacity for work by e.g. offering coupons for exercise and cultural events, health programmes as well as possibilities to participate in training and skills development. We arrange common personnel events and we observe the staff members’ service anniversaries and their personal celebrations e.g. birthdays.

All employees have new functional and contemporary tools and facilities as well as updated work stations, telephones and appliances.

In addition to preventive occupational health care, the university personnel is offered a large-scale medical care as well as the possibility of specialist consultation. Suomen Terveystalo provides occupational health care and the university has its own occupational health doctor and nurse appointed.

Salaries and Rewards

The objective of the university salary system is fair pay. Salaries are set based on how demanding the tasks are and how the work is performed. The aim of the merit pay system is to increase the salary incentive, to reward personnel for good work and for achieving good results as well as to advance the achievement of the university’s objectives. The system encompasses all the personnel and will be in use from 2013.